One Good Punch

October 5, 2008
One Good Punch, written by author Richard Wallace, is a novel based on how friendships are strained because of drugs. The novel takes place in Scranton, Pennsylvania and follows the high school life of Michael Kerrigan. Michael is a high schooler who is to good to be true. Captain of East Scranton High School's track team, dedicated athlete, and the Scranton Observer editorial assistant, Michael is overall a great student. Unfortunately, all these great things are about to come to an end. Michael's friend Shelly wanted a couple joints(marijuana cigarettes), and asked Mike to get them. Joey Onager, Mike's buddy, is a drug trafficker. Mike asks Joey for a couple joints and Joey says no problem. On a Friday night, Joey makes a very big mistake. Michael wanted to meet Joey somewhere to retrieve the drugs. But Joey did not do that. He went to the school and stashed them in Mike's locker. When Mike found out, he was furious at Joey. Mike said to himself, "Mike, just go to the school and pick them up after work at eleven o'clock". The drugs were never picked up though, because Mike forgot. Saturday came, and Mike rushed to the school to get the joints. The nicest janitor, Mike figured, would let him in. Mike walked up to the janitor and asked if he could go in to pick something up that he left in his locker. The janitor rejected due to a drug sweep this weekend. Mike went home, very angry. On Monday, at lunch, the vice principal pulled Mike out of his lunch break and escorted him to the principal's office. There, Mike had to come up with an explanation to tell to the vice principal, the principal, and the detective investigating. Mike received a suspension to think about his decision. He knows he needs to make a decision fast. If he turns Joey in, Mike can go to college and be on the college's track team. If he turns himself in, he will likely get expelled and will not be able to enter any college. While Mike is thinking about this decision, he realizes it is all Shelly's fault. She was the one who wanted the drugs, not Mike. How will Mike make his life-changing decision? Read this story to find out. If you are interested, your local library will probably have it. This book will appeal to anyone who needs to learn more about drug prevention skills. Even if you do not take any drugs, but your friends do, you will most likely get into some kind of trouble. On a scale of one to five stars, I would give this story a four star. This will certify that the above work is completely original, Nicholas Michael Hungerman.

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