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Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows

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Well J.K. Rowling author of the bestselling book series Harry Potter has done it again, all over again to be precise. Harry Potter and magic fans can finally rest easy because this 750 page book covers it all from top to bottom, except this time with more excitement, intensity, and happiness. Rowling who lives in London, England has received multiple awards for the Harry Potter series, not to mention her books which have received everything from the Newberry medal to Bestselling Book Awards.
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows take place in Britain and the last part of the movie in Hogwarts. But that doesn’t mean that they do not go places Harry Potter fans have not seen before; from Grimmauld Place to the hills and villages of countries that have not been seen yet in harry potter. Harry who is now a teenager is leaving the Dursley’s house for the last time, yet he feels sad on the inside, they were like his family in a way. But he doesn’t have very much time to drool on that sadness because as soon as he leaves Hagrid and the other members of the order of the Phoenix show up to take him to a safe house where Voldemort cannot touch him nor can any other Death eater. Following a plan that puts six people in danger, Harry and his group soon realize that Voldemort somehow found out the date they were moving Harry and there may well be a spy in their midst.
Once at the Burrow, the safe house, Harry gives himself only five more days until he leaves and sets out to find the God-forsaken horcruxes that are the only link to Voldemort being immortal. He plans to leave a day after the wedding but tragedy strikes and he is forced to leave as the same time as the wedding. Once safely out of harm’s way they find out that Scrimegour, the minister was murdered and that Pius thickness, confunded, has taken his position. They have put a taboo on Voldemort meaning that whoever says his name will be cornered by death eaters. Naturally going with Ron and Hermione, they figure out the location of the horcruxes, find a way to kill them and go into Hogwarts for either Harry’s or Voldemort’s final stand!
The theme of Harry potter is self- sacrifice, Harry wouldn’t be alive today if lily hadn’t given him her protection and made him untouchable by Voldemort. Harry who is willingly sacrificing himself later on in the book to stop Voldemort has gotten that trait from Lily, his mother, and accepts his fate without fear, or being a coward and running away. Sacrifice is what it is all about and sacrifice happens every day without you knowing or seeing it.
Harry Potter is a thoughtful, witty, and occasionally comical series that we have been with and love since we read where it all started. However exciting the book is we will miss all in this book; Hagrid, Voldemort, Hermione, Ron, and the chosen one himself; Harry potter. Harry Potter fans will be beside themselves with this and will keeping turning the page until the very

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