Crank by Ellen Hopkins

October 2, 2008
By Michelle Shlafshteyn, Chesterfield, MO

Crank is an amazing book. The author is Ellen Hopkins. There are 537 fast moving intense pages that will make you hooked onto the book. The genre is Realistic Fiction and the mood goes from sad to happy in different parts of the book.

The main character is Kristina Georgia Snow. Kristina is the perfect daughter. She's quiet, gifted at schoolwork, a high school junior and never gets into any kind of trouble. 15 year old Kristina reveals how she became addicted to Crank and how the stimulant turned her from straight A student to drug addict. Her parents have been divorced for years and she has lived with her mom ever since. After a visit to court, they make her visit her father, who now lives in a broken down apartment, has a low pay job, and isn't responsible at all. Kristina goes to her dads place as a good girl, and comes back to her moms as a bad girl, Bree. Bree is the complete opposite of Kristina. She's fearless and does bad things, which make even worser things emerge. While at her dad's, she meets this boy Adam. Adam introduces her to the ‘Monster'. As her addiction grows, so does Bree's control over Kristina. Crank takes her on a wild, ecstatic ride, which turns out to be a struggle for her soul, mind, and even her life.

I would give this book a 9.5/10, because it was very descriptive, interesting, hooking and it taught me a lesson. This book really showed me the real dangers of the effect drugs can cause on you. Kristina was a great girl, the drugs messed everything up. The font is in a very artistic way and the whole book is written in poems. Crank was a great book, and I recommend it to anyone who is over the age of 14. Crank is a fiction novel, but everything that happened in the book, was Ellen Hopkins' daughters past. When you finish reading Crank, also look for Burned, Impulse, Glass, and Identical in the Crank series by Ellen Hopkins.

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