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Cindy Ella by Robin Palmer

October 1, 2008
By Molly Chheath, Vienna, VA

Meet Cindy Ella Gold, your typical, everyday Los Angeles student - not. Cindy Ella Gold is not like the similar-named princess we all know, Cinderella; Cindy doesn't believe in magic, fairy tales, or the “prom.” The prom is the only topic anyone ever talks about in LA: Jaden dresses, Prada shoes, and Cindy is sick of it. Cindy decides to write an impassioned letter to the editor, and for the first time: it's published. The letter brings Cindy from invisible person to the Queen of Freaks status at Castle Heights High. Not to mention, her stepmother and the Clones, her stepsisters: Ashley and Brittany, are on her case, “‘You see, Cindy,' Ashley went on. ‘You have to remember: we're related by marriage here. So when you act like this? It's, like, a total reflection on us.”

The Queen of Freak status doesn't help when Cindy is in love with the most popular senior at school, Adam Silver. Moreover, she bumps into him and embarrasses herself even more,“... when I looked up and into those brown eyes that I now saw weren't just brown, but also had cool flecks of gold in them, I realized that I had the starring role in the latest Hollywood Blockbuster movie.” Yet the only people that still talk to her, after “committing social suicide,” are her best friends, India and Malcolm, her cyberfriend, BklynBoy, and surprisingly, Adam.

Robin Palmer portrays Cindy's feelings and actions vividly and realistically, as Cindy deals with lusting after her tutor, Ian, getting flirty signals from BklynBoy, and learning to expect the unexpected. Seeing that with a little bit of magic from her fairy godmother, or in this case: fairy godtutor, and a perfect pair of shoes, even Cindy can still have a chance at happily ever after. After all, her fairy godtutor, Ian, did say, “You never know. They don't call prom night ‘magical' for nothing, you know.” What happens on prom night? Does Cindy Ella end up with Ian? Adam? Or BklynBoy? Find out who's the prince that sweeps Cindy Ella off her feet, by reading Robin Palmer's debut, Cindy Ella.

Cindy Ella is fast-paced, amusing, and dramatic on every page. With an ideal “happily-ever-after” ending, it is a perfect book for girls who love young adult realistic fiction and teenage drama. If you enjoy books such as Perfect You, Bloom, or books by Meg Cabot, like Jinx and Avalon High, then Cindy Ella, by Robin Palmer, is the absolutely perfect book for you.

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This article has 2 comments.

ik726 said...
on Jan. 27 2010 at 11:47 am
i love this book they should really make a movie out of this.

i would totally watch it!!!

Katherine W said...
on Oct. 4 2008 at 10:14 pm
I do enjoy books by Meg Cabot... so this is the perfect book for me. ;) Awesome!

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