Such a Pretty Girl By Laura Wiess

September 30, 2008
By Megan Wichmann, Colorado Springs, CO

Have you ever seen a fifteen year old girl sitting outside by a dumpster smoking? Would you think something was wrong? I would. Such a Pretty Girl is about a fifteen year old named Meredith whose dad went to jail when she was twelve. He wasn’t supposed to get out until she was eighteen, but guess what? He is coming home. This book is about the struggles Meredith goes through with her dad being back in her life.

Meredith is fifteen year old. She’s a tomboy type of girl, very grungy. She is under a lot of stress nowadays so she has picked up the habit of smoking. She is a very angry person.

The main conflict in the book was when Meredith’s father comes home from jail. It is also how she tries to get rid of him. She tries so many different ways, but then decides to wait and see what will happen.

I highly recommend this book, because the author describes everything in many strong details such as when Laura Wiess says, “At the first sound of my father’s voice, Andy jerks as if he’s been slapped. Sweat blooms on his forehead. “He used to call me Buddy,” he whispers. Oh, **** me, I think I’m gonna puke.” I was able to see in my mind what it would be like to be Meredith.

Something I did not like about the book is that Laura Wiess seemed like she tried to rush the ending. It seemed she had a page limit and was trying not to go over. I think it could have gone a lot further than it actually did. I did like how the author used strong descriptive words to describe characters, scenes, and actions. It made me believe that I was actually there.
As a side note, this novel has adult themes and may not be appropriate for young readers.

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on May. 18 2015 at 2:10 pm
Sounds really Good! GREAT! what library can we get it at?


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