The Kite Runner

September 30, 2008
By Cora Gann, Colorado Springs, CO

The Kite Runner is an amazing tale that takes place in modern day Afghanistan. It’s about a young by named Amir, who grows up with his father Baba, and his two servants, Hassan and Ali. Hassan and Amir where best friends growing up even though they were from different social classes. When the boys were flying kites one day, a tragic incident happens to Hassan that would change his life forever. Now, Amir, Hassan, Baba, and Ali, all have to cope with the situation in their own way.

One of the reasons why this book is so intriguing is because of the character’s personalities. Amir spends almost his whole life trying to gain acceptance from his tdad that you can almost experience his pain and sorrow. His father, Baba, is a tall stocky man who is portrayed as being very intimidating throughout the novel. Hassan is a quiet boy who is very loyal and is someone with a truly pure heart. With all of the diverse personalities of each character, and amazing story is evolved that is not only interesting, but easy to read as well.

I would recommend The Kite Runner to anyone who loves a story that is very unpredictable. It has meaningful life-lessons throughout the whole novel that almost everyone could relate to. There are some parts throughout the story where it gets very intense and exciting, and that is what makes it such a page turner. I am not a book reader what-so-ever, and The Kite Runner kept me thinking and hanging onto each word.

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