September 30, 2008
By Brett Martin, Colorado Springs, CO

Going through life unnoticed can be a drag, and nobody knows that better than Tyler. After one stupid choice, Tyler's life went from bad to worse. He went from the kid that nobody noticed to the kid everyone heard rumors about, and they were not good. As part of his punishment for the deed he is required to work in the landscaping business, which helped him transform from a wimp into a giant most people would fear. The start of school was near and he was finally being noticed, and by the girl of his dreams…
Tyler is not the most athletic or smartest guy, he just kind of flies under the radar at school and he really doesn't like that. When he decides to pull a prank to get noticed, he really screws up and gets caught. Because of this incident, his parents think less of him and everyone avoids him. As a result, he has to do community service, and from the work he becomes bigger than he ever thought he could be. From this point, Tyler only has one friend whose name is Calvin, but prefers to be called Yoda. He doesn't like only having one good friend but he just starts to accept this fact; he is a loner.
I would strongly recommend this book to anyone. The entire story was a page turner, and I just had to see what happened the next day in Tyler's life. It was well written because everything that happened was understandable. The one thing I didn't like about the book was it seemed a little rushed in the end but besides that, it was a really good book.

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