September 30, 2008
By Kaiti Coffey, Colorado Springs, CO

Bella Swan randomly moves from the hot, sunny state of Arizona to the cold, damp state of Washington. She knows the city fairly well, but the people… not so much. It takes a few weeks to get to know everyone, especially Edward Cullen. Eventually, their relationship grows; they fall in love; she learns his family's best kept secret. Being with in love with Edward, however, is probably the most deadly obsession Bella could ever have.
Isabella “Bella” Swan is an extremely accident-prone seventeen year-old girl, enjoys hanging out with vampires, is uncontrollably curious, and crazy-in-love with Edward Cullen. Edward Cullen is an irrevocably gorgeous, century-old vampire posing as a seventeen year-old high school student, refuses to hunt humans, and is completely in love with a human.
James is an evil, vindictive vampire trying to kill Bella and an enemy of Edward.
Bella, a human, and Edward, a vampire, are in love. Bella's friends do not approve of the relationship because it is too dangerous.
This book is a definite read. Once immersed into the chapters of this series, the book is unable to set down. The author gives a clear view of, not only, the background, but of the characters' body language and thoughts. This book is adventurous, romantic, suspenseful, and packed with action.

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