Kite Runner

September 30, 2008
“You have a chance to be good again”(Hosseini).
Amir and Hassan are best friends who love to be with each other and love to fly kites. They live in Kabul, which is a safe and great place where Amir lives in a nice house with Hassan and his father as the servants. They have lived in Kabul since they were born and never wanted to leave, until one day when Amir and his father, Baba, left for America.
Amir is twelve years old, teases Hassan about being illiterate, but he also teaches him how to read. Hassan is taller than Amir, but he is younger, illiterate and he is a Hazara (servant) for Amir and his father. Baba is Amir's father, loves both Hassan and Amir equally; he is a wise man who has many sins and hope that his son is not punished for them in the future.
Amir and Hassan have been face with several problems, because they are best friends who come from two completely different walks of life. Hassan is a Hazara (servant) and Amir and Baba are wealthy Afghans. When people see Hassan and Amir together, they give them weird looks because Amir is always walking around with a servant. Assef is a bully who likes to pick on Amir and Hassan only because they are very different people who are best friends. One day Assef corners Hassan after he chases a kite for Amir and tells Hassan to give it to him, but Hassan refuses to do so, so Assef rapes him; while this is happening, Amir is watching on from a distance, watching this terrible thing happen to his best friend, then he walks away, like a coward. Amir never tells anyone about that day and has to live with this on his chest for the rest of his life, but somehow he redeems himself.
I recommend this novel to readers who like an unpredictable and suspenseful book that is hard to put down. The detail used is very descriptive when the author is describing parts of Afghanistan when Amir lived there and then after the Taliban took over and destroyed almost all the land that was once beautiful.

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