Tears of a Tiger critique

September 30, 2008
As four best friends watched one of them burn to death in a car, they know their lives will forever change. Andy Jackson, the driver of the car, has been drinking and crashed his car into a wall. After going back to school, he started dealing with major emotional problems. As time goes on, his entire life drastically changes.

Andy Jackson is an upper-class high school basketball player. He has many friends and a girlfriend who cares for him very much. He is a well rounded boy who has everything in life going for him.

Andy Jackson faces many issues. He killed his best friend and could not ever forgive himself for it. He deals with many heavy emotions, and he has a hard time finding a way to deal with them. Throughout his journey, he sees a counselor but does not find it helpful going to him. Andy also is appointed to be the new captain and point guard of the basketball team since Robert, the former team captain and the boy who died, was the old captain and point guard of the team.

I enjoyed this book very much. Although it is a depressing topic, it sends a message to the reader of finding hope and pushing through difficult times. There were journal entries, notes, letters, and English papers that were written by the characters and I really enjoyed those. It made the book much deeper and emotional. In a normal style of writing, you don’t get to hear what every character is thinking at the time and you don’t get to hear it from them.

While I liked the book, I did not enjoy the way it was written. It is written in a dialogue form. I do not prefer this style of writing, but it did help to bring out the true emotions of the characters.

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