Fight Club

September 30, 2008
By Mark Brady, Denver, CO

The plot is that the main character has insomnia and he is looking for relief. His doctor recommends looking into support groups; while searching, he meets Tyler the founder of the fight club. They hold over 70 men in a basement in three layer army surplus beds, with nothing but clothes, soap, a mixing bowl, and 500$ in burial money in case they die fighting. The fight club is also a part of project mayhem, which is a program developed by Tyler which gets the whole club in a huge mess.
The main character, unnamed intentionally, is middle younger aged male, probably in his early thirties. He is very mellow and is searching for something. He is very easy-going and doesn’t have a defined personality. Although he is looking for something, he doesn’t know what, and it drives him crazy and he is miserable without it.
The main conflict is that the main character is trying to accept his life and fight within himself. Also, there is a conflict with Tyler and his project mayhem. The true conflict is masked by the fight club and those fights there, when the real conflict is the fight of the main character within himself, trying to let go of emotion and his relationship with Marla.
I would recommend this book to those readers who don’t necessarily like a happy ending, but more of an intriguing, heart-wrenching story. It twists your own emotion though the character and makes you take a step back and look at your life. It puts life in prospective and makes you think with your instincts rather than your intellectual. I would highly recommend this book for any who are in for a thrill of your life.

The author's comments:
I like pina colodas and getting caught in the rain. My perfect date would be long walks on the beach and body surfing.

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