September 30, 2008
By Ben Hensley, Colorado Springs, CO

Peak is an extravagant book about a boy named Peak Marcello; he's 14 years old and dreams of climbing. His parents are divorced and he has two little sisters which are twins, and they all have the same birthday. His passion for climbing gets him into trouble. He would climb skyscrapers and tag them with a blue mountain and one night he got caught. This all caused mass chaos in his life for a little while driving him crazy, and he must go with his dad or spend jail time. His dad owns a climbing company at Mt. Everest and he has a plan to bring his business out of the hole it's in and help his son. “When Peak gets to the base camp of Everest he learns a lot more about his dad then he ever knew (Smith 103).

I would definitely recommend this book, I usually don't like reading but this book really captivated me. It was written as a person speaks not like a normal third person view. It tells what he's thinking at all times which helps give a really good mental image of the situation and makes it like a movie. This book has a massive amount of different twists that were never expected and the other interesting changes he goes threw as a teenager. He meets many interesting people on his journey from movie stars to Sherpa (mountain people). He goes on the adventure of a lifetime, attempting to climb a mountain that most adults can't climb or even attempt to climb. This book is definitely one of my favorite and I would recommend it to everyone. This book is inspiring and catchy. Please read this book it is incredible.

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