A Million Little Pieces

September 30, 2008
By Doug McLaughlin, Colorado Springs, CO

In trials and tribulations, James Frey persevered through pain and addiction of all sorts. Journeying to rehab with the support of his family and friends, this would be his last chance at cleaning up. He faces physical and emotional challenges and contemplates giving up and allowing death to take over.

James Frey is a 23 year old drug and alcohol addict. He blocks everyone out, not allowing anyone to get close to him. “Come here, I’m gonna give you a hug. I stay where I am” (Frey 109). He’s tougher than he believes, but is constantly reminded how tough by the other residents.
“My need to get messed up has grown exponentially” (Frey 87). Frey is a hardcore drug and “anything that will mess him up” addict. He is lonely and confused about whether he wants to live or die. Through this novel, he experiences changes with his character, emotion, and physical addiction.
I would definitely recommend this novel because the description is very vivid. Although television, such shows like True Life on M.T.V, shows us what its like, the reader is able to experience what Frey experiences with no detail left out.
The author uses a different type of writing style. It’s more of a free write, as he doesn’t use “he said” or “she said”. Dialogue is typically “Thank you. He Laughs. No Problem” (Frey 86). This is not necessarily bad, just different. He does an excellent job with the detail, especially during the most painful parts. “The electric pain shoots and it shoots a trillion volts and it is white and burning” (Frey 66). That sentence was used to describe when he was having a cavity looked at. Most readers can relate to the pain he feels. In the end, this book had colorful descriptions and brought new views to the topic of drug and alcohol abuse.

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