September 30, 2008
By Amy Fitch, Colorado Springs, CO

Eclipse is the continuation of Stephenie Meyer's bestsellers, Twilight and New Moon. It is unlike any other love story I have ever read. For one thing, Edward is a glorious, strong, and graceful vampire; Bella is not. She is just an average and clumsy human girl, and because of their differences, conflicts arise. In Twilight, a vampire tries to kill Bella. Edward kills him, and that vampire's mate is now coming back for revenge. Victoria is not hunting Edward, but she is hunting Bella. Throughout the novel, numerous murders occur in Seattle, and there are so many of the sloppy killings that the Cullens believe it could only be from a new born vampires' army. Victoria is coming for Bella, and she is not coming alone.

Bella, an eighteen year old senior, is the narrator and one of the main characters of Eclipse. She and Edward are like two halves of a whole, which makes Edward, an eighty year old vampire, the other main character. Throughout each novel Bella and Edward's relationship grows closer and more defined as the characters change. Bella has pale skin, long brown hair, and chocolate brown eyes, and against Edwards strong, perfect, sparkling body, she looks extremely breakable. Although their physical traits are completely opposite, their love is exactly the same—unconditional and unquestionable to the point where they could not exist without the other.

After the let down of New Moon, Eclipse was a pleasant surprise. It is well written, with amazing diction that forms vivid pictures in the readers' minds. The fight scenes and the romance sections are so clear that it is as if the reader is there. The plot is so well formed and intriguing that it is difficult to put the book down. You never know what will happen next. Stephenie Meyer knows how to keep the reader happy with just enough romance and action.

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