September 30, 2008
By Anonymous

Moving to a new town can be difficult for anybody, but moving to a new town where there are vampires in your high school would be extremely difficult. That is what Bella has to deal with in the book Twilight. Coming from Arizona, Bella moved in with her father in Forks, Washington. Already having to deal with being the newcomer Edward, one of the school's vampires, has a special interest in Bella and it is definitely a mutual attraction. Bella becomes close with Edward and starts learning all about him and his unique family, the Cullens. Although most vampires do feed on human flesh, the Cullens family does not believe in it. It does not take long for Bella to get hooked by Edward, but she soon learns that the Cullens are not the only vampires around. Bella joins the family in a game of baseball but not quiet America's pass time. From the noise of the game three vampires appear and threaten Bella's life. From this the Cullens do everything they can to protect Bella, but Bella is faced with a decision of her own: face Jake, the tracker, or lose her mom to his hunger.
Meyer definitely has an exceptional writing style keeping a cerain text that gives all the necessary details to future events but not enough to know what happens next. It's an outstanding romantic plot that will entrance any teenage girl's thoughts. The reader will feel as if they were in the story and watching all the crazy twists first hand. Meyer also leaves the reader with just enough words forcing the reader to need more in the following chapters. Twilight is an exceptional novel that I would recommend to anybody looking for a book with passion, excitement, and new questions in each chapter.

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