My Sister's Keeper

September 30, 2008
By Amanda Pfaff, Colorado Spings, CO

Most people are born for one reason or another, but what if your reason was very different? What if you were born for medicinal purpose, to help your brother or sister stay alive? What would you do? How would you feel? For thirteen-year-old Anna this is where her story begins. Anna has been giving her sister Kate blood transfusions and bone marrow since she was born. It is up to Anna to save her, but she is perplexed in what she plans to do. She hires a lawyer to help her gain the rights to her own body and now has to face her own parents in court. She has no idea what to say until she is in front of the court room swearing to tell the truth. Was the truth to hard to hear? Or was it just the beginning to a new life.

Anna is a bright, young girl with a responsibility most people will never have to face. She has had numerous surgeries and procedures to help save her sisters life but she has had enough. Through her journey for freedom, many secrets begin to spill out like paint on a blank canvas. The book holds a secret affair, mysterious fires, and a truth that will bring tears to your eyes; and only Anna can set the records straight.
My Sister's Keeper is a book that will pull you in from the first page to the last. The author makes you feel as if you have become apart of the story; the way she gives each character their own story and beliefs on the subject of Anna. She also makes it really easy to relate to someone in the story which always makes the book more enjoyable to read. You will face twists and turns you never thought possible and the hardest decision that is made will make your stomach turn. I recommend this book to anyone who loves books that always keep you thinking, or anyone who is just in the mood for a remarkable story. You may also just want to find out the shocking truth the book holds within its pages.

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