Angels and Demons

September 30, 2008
By David Lee, Colorado Springs, CO

In the middle of the night, Robert Landon is woken up by a phone call from CERN, a large science organization, in order to find the killer of a physicist named Leonardo Vetra. Soon Langdon and Leonardo's daughter, Vittoria Vetra, find out that an old satanic cult has stolen a highly explosive matter called antimatter. Langdon and Vittoria travel to the Vatican because they have been notified that the antimatter is located there. They go on a frantic search to stop the illuminati assassin, from the satanic cult, from blowing up the Vatican and killing the four most important cardinals.

The historic puzzle solver, Robert Langdon, is the leader of the search party that is looking for the assassin. He is highly educated in religion symbols. This expertise of his is known by others through his books and his classes at the Harvard University. Mr. Langdon is a forty year old man with graying brown hair that gives him a distinguished appearance. Many of Robert's colleagues have said that he has an erudite appeal. He also has a toned body from swimming. As a child, Robert has had traumatic experiences that cause him to be claustrophobic. Throughout the story, he finds himself falling for Vittoria.

In the novel Angels and Demons an assassin from the illuminati steals a highly explosive bomb in order to blow up the Vatican. This assassin is on a vendetta for the killings of scientists and the hindrance of science by the church. Robert Langdon struggles to uncover the assassin with the clues of Galileo. As Langdon and Vittoria follow these clues, they try and stop the killer from killing the four important cardinals during conclave, the electing of a new pope.

I would highly recommend this novel because it is thrilling and a book you do not want to put down. This book is action filled throughout the book as Robert Langdon is searching for an antimatter bomb in the Vatican City. How the assassin, from the Illuminati, kills the cardinals is suspenseful and unbelievable. Also, the obvious connection between Robert and Vittoria keep the reader guessing of what will happen between them. If you enjoyed Dan Brown's book The Da Vinci Code then you would love this book. The book gives you historical info and makes you think by solving the puzzles. Throughout the book, Robert Langdon has to solve the puzzles of Galileo in order to find where the next cardinal will be killed at. The author was very good at making it suspenseful and making you curious about what is going to happen next.

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