A Million Little Pieces

September 30, 2008
A Million Little Pieces is an astonishing book about a man who has been through hell and came back. The drugs, the alcohol, the crimes, and the love were all part of his life. How would you continue to live your life after blacking out daily, losing the one you love, and not even being able to recognize your own face because it's so badly damaged? This story is about a man who overcame it all and gives hope to everyone in a struggle.
James Frey is a one-of-a-kind character. He is 23 years old and has been an alcoholic for a decade and a drug addict for three years. His appearance at first is unbearable. He has a broken and battered nose, four missing front teeth, and a hole in his cheek. He is one of the strongest, most courageous, self-believing man I have ever read about. He will back down to no man no matter what his size- small or big. This is displayed many times throughout the book but especially when James went into a bus stop to look for Lilly. The man he met a drug dealer, was giant compared to James and probably could of hurt James severely but James stood his ground and all of it just for the one he loved. He is mentally strong as well. He get's two route canals in his mouth performed without any pain killers or anesthesia. He proves his courage by going into a run-down building, full of drugs, to rescue and salvage a girl who he has fallen in love with. It's an underdog story, only this time the alcohol and drugs being the favored.
The whole book is a battle between James and his past. He has the choice to start taking drugs and drinking alcohol again and risk dying or rehabilitate himself and keep his life. It is also about love; one of the main reasons James is trying to stay sober. It is a million to one shot that he will succeed, but he is out to prove everyone they are wrong.
I strongly recommend this book because it inspires us, the readers, to realize we can achieve anything we want. James proves to us that if he can get through all of his monstrosities of problems, then we ourselves can eventually get through our littlest of problems. It touches everyone who reads it- a man who had so much failure in his past and in his future decides to turn his life around for the better. The story was very gripping; it made you feel like you were right next to your own brother witnessing him through his whole life of troubles and addictions, wanting and wishing for him to get better. It made you never want to stop reading until success was met for James.

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