September 30, 2008
By Anonymous

The book Peak starts with the main character named Peak. In the book he gets arrested for the crime of climbing and property damage of tagging skyscrapers with blue paint. When Peak gets assigned to court, he was told that he was going to live in Thailand with his dad and pay one hundred fifty thousand dollars in fines. He didn’t know his dad well, but he did know his dad was one of the best climbers in the world, and he held the greatest surprise given by man to him. It is a chance to climb to the summit of Mt. Everest.
The main character of the book is Peak. He’s described as a boy who lives life to the fullest and never looks back. His life doesn’t consist of fear or danger. Peak is one of those boys that faces everything even if it’s a challenge and embraces the moment. But most of all, Peak’s greatest love is his mother and his two step-sisters.
Some conflicts that Peak had to over-come in the book was the force in his life to make a great change in his life, by moving to Thailand with his dad. He has to move to Thailand to live with his dad that he never saw in his life. When his dad said that he was climbing Mt. Everest, he finds out that its not a father and son trip, he was made to do it for his dads pleasure.
As the reader of the book Peak, I would recommend the book to fellow readers. The book is captivating. Every page you read you get a picture almost like your there in every moment that Peak goes through. For those kids that don’t like reading, the book is easy to read; there are no hard words and grammar. Its like a book that Peak was writing when all this happened. So yes, after reading this book I would recommend this book, to fellow and up coming reader.
In the book Peak , the author did a great job at making the book easy for people that hate reading, to read a great book. He also did a great job at making the book captivating. By that he made it easy to picture every moment that Peak goes through. And everything he does in the book, so if it raining it easy to picture it raining, if it’s cold and snowing, its easy to picture it cold. So for that the author did a great job writing this book.

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