A Million Little Pieces

September 30, 2008
By jake purtscher, Colorado Springs, CO

A Million Little Pieces is about a man named James Frey who is an alcoholic and a drug addict. He wakes up on an airplane with teeth missing and a gaping hole in his cheek. He heads to a rehab clinic and meets many of people who help him and he meets a girl named Lilly. This does a really good job of describing what it is really like trying to recover. James Frey is a tough guy who isn't afraid of anything and really just does what he wants, for example, even though he could get kicked out, when a man is talking badly about his “girl friend” he attacks him, “I dropped the cup of coffee, it hits the ground, it distracts him, as soon as he looks I am on him.” He feels sorry for himself but feels he doesn't deserve a life, and that people have helped him enough and he doesn't want to be close to anyone but when Lilly comes along that all changes. He now has something to live for and he can get close to her without feeling antsy or uncomfortable, which he trouble with everyone, even his parents.
The main conflict is between James and his addiction. It is almost described as a person who makes him angry and it is a rage inside him he can't control. The addiction has full control over him and it is his struggle to break free from its twisted ways and its evil hold upon his life. He also has several verbal and two physical confrontations with patients/staff at the clinic. The problems he has are easily resolved because the clinic doesn't tolerate those issues so they just kick people out and people really don't want that to happen so they behave.
I would definitely recommend this book to anyone, but more specifically to people who feel that their life is pointless and they have no chance of getting better. It shows you if you believe in yourself and you have something to live for; you can come out of the lowest low. The author did a magnificent job telling the story how it really happened, not leaving out something because it is graphic or crude, it makes it feel real. You really connect to James and feel how he feels. If you don't feel like this book would appeal to you, that's what I thought when I first heard about it. However, it is very good and it catches your attention early.

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