September 30, 2008
Have you ever wondered what it's like to have trouble with your parents, and always get blamed for everything? This book is about a kid who was a nerd and decided to pull off a prank to become Mr. Popular. He gets caught be the police and he already has a problem with his parents because they fight all the time. Through the book he has to do community service and deals with his parents and with the kids at his school all at the same time.

The main character is as strong mentally as he is physically. His name is Tyler, and he is one of those kids who is easy to get along with and be friends with. He is a hard worker and he doesn't let much bother him, because he is good at ignoring issues so it doesn't affect him. Even though he did get in trouble with the police, he does know right from wrong. Tyler is six foot two, and he is a pretty big kid from all the community service he had to do.

This book's central conflict is when there is a party that the girl who likes Tyler invited him to. He is not supposed to go to parties in the first place because that's part of his restrictions by the police, but he decides to take a chance anyway. The girl who likes him and that he likes got extremely drunk and took Tyler into a room and wanted to have sex with him. Since he knows right from wrong, he knows not to do this and he tells her no, she gets mad, and then someone uses her. Someone took advantage of her and took naked pictures of her and it basically framed Tyler. The police think it is Tyler, too, and he has to go through so much.

I defiantly recommend this book because not only is this book a great book to visualize but it's a real page turner. As your reading this book, you feel as if you are actually him and it gets pretty intense. I don't read that many books but this one was good until the end. This book would be best for teenagers because that is many problems that teenagers face I would think. The author on this book did a tremendous job relating the teenager life and making this book a page turner.

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