Tears of A Tiger

September 30, 2008
By Anonymous

Has your life ever just been going perfect? Everything is going the way it should be? Bam! All of a sudden you find yourself in the worst possible situation imaginable and you’re beginning to lose everything dear to you. Andy Jackson was a great kid; succeeding in basketball and with his friends, until he became the reason for his best friend’s death.
At the age of 17, Andy Jackson is a young black male; he is a confident young man until his accident, where after he has highly mixed emotions. He is not a star student, but a basketball star at Hazelwood High School.
Andy struggles coping with his accident and continually blames himself for it. His friends, family, basketball coach, and psychologist are there for him and try to guide him through this hard time but Andy won’t let them in. He has to sort out his own emotions before any one else can help him.
I would recommend this as an easy read. My preference is a more complex book with more maturity and with a more twisted plot; however, this book contains basic grammar and diction and incorporates typical high school drama and immaturity. One thing I did enjoy was how the book was arranged and laid out; one chapter is a letter, the next is a newspaper article, and the next is an insight into the mind of Andy. This aspect kept me reading, wondering what was going to happen next. Overall, the way the book is laid out and the series of events keeps the reader turning through the pages.

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