The Jumping Tree

September 28, 2008
"Outside my door,I could hear him pacing.'Apa,the man,was there pacing back and forth like a lion might do to keep his cubs safe from all danger.I so wanted to be like him."
In The Jumping Tree,Ray has to choose between being a man like his father or a boy like his friend Chuy.Ray decision was that he wanted to be a man like his father.
Chuy wanted Ray to be a cholo man.That is why he puts him in many difficult situations like,when he had to smoke with the cholo man.Thankfully,he choses not to smoke.
Chuy also made Ray go through experiences that made him a very bad boy.Forturately he got back in the right track.His Tio Angel was a true man,and he also made Ray change.He was a mentor for Ray by giving him good advice.
Rene Saldana Jr. made his characters very funny and humorous.He also madethem all change through the whole book.He also made all of his memeries funny when he could.He made you feel what he felt at that time.
I will recoumnd this book to people who want to have fun in reading a humorous book.I would recoumend this book to people from ages 4-102.You will never forget it!

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