The Jumping Tree

September 26, 2008
The Jumping Tree

author:Rene Saldaña

In the Jumping Tree Rey moves to Nueve Peñitas where he befriends Chuy.They become friends but unfortunatly Chuy has to go to works on the feilds with his family.Rey is in the part of his life where he has to decide wether to keep on being a child or to grow up and be a man.

Rey let go of parts of his childhood when his dog gets the mage,so His apa decides to get rid of him.Rey experiences some broken bones,shocks,love, and broken hearts.He decides to make some decisions that can jeopardize his "coolness" and friendship with hei buddy Chuy.Rey learns not to be embaressed about his background and to understand things straight as they are.Sure,he goes through some embarrasing moments as everyone,but it all leads up to the truth.He experiences that will change his life.

Saldaña does a great a great job making the characters interesting and puts a great effort making the story comical.This story engages your attention and makes you eager to read the whole book.

If you love interesting stories and look forward reading an amazing dtory read The Jumping Tree.Remember you are who you are and be proud of it.Your character shows who you are.

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