The Indigo Spell by Richelle Mead

July 7, 2013
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Torn between her teachings and her heart, she has to choose the path she will take. With love, she could be rendered helpless. However, the love she’s involved in is forbidden and must be hidden at all cost. If not she would be sent back to re-education, a place you would never want to end up in. Another factor rose, a powerful magic user is targeting young witches. Young Witches around the world had been found with unexplained physical symptoms. Magic completely go against her Alchemist’s teachings. However, she must embrace her magic abilities or else she might be next. She is Sydney Sage, an alchemist and the main character of The Indigo Spell the third book of the Bloodline series which is yet another interesting and amazing book written by Richelle Mead, the author of the international no 1 best-selling Vampire Academy series.
Mead’s writing would definitely have you glued to the book after only reading the first few chapters. However, in no time the book would be finished. You would not need to worry because there would be a continuation of it coming out in November this year and there are books before this book, including the Vampire Academy series and the first two books in Bloodline Series.
Mead wrote the book in a style that would make you beg for more. She ended the book with a grave situation that could expose Sydney completely for she loves a vampire and practices magic. However she did not reveal the outcome, this would make the reader want more.
This is a book not to be missed. A book that would be a shame to reject. Trust me you would be grateful that you ever read it. However if you want to find out more about her past, you should start reading from the beginning, From The Vampire Academy series which the main character is Rose. The books are equally amazing, equally astoundingly filled with talent. After Vampire Academy Series would be the Bloodline Series. If I would to rate the book, the book would completely break the scale.

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