Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

June 27, 2013
Samantha Kingston had it all: popularity, looks, boys, money, and even an immense amount of roses on Cupid Day. Sam commanded everything in her life…even the way she died. Seven times. On February 12th, Sam was in a terrible car crash with her drunken friends. She saw her life flash before her eyes, and yet, Sam woke up in her bed the very next day. The same freaky events continued happening over the course of that week as she unraveled the spooky mystery encircling her death. Along the way, Sam realized that maybe the person she needed most was the one she refused to acknowledge.

Jump in the car and enjoy the thrilling ride as Sam relives the last day of her life…seven fold.

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writer5 said...
Jul. 1, 2013 at 9:20 pm
I LOVE this book!
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