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June 18, 2013
By rhenn12 GOLD, Langhorne, Pennsylvania
rhenn12 GOLD, Langhorne, Pennsylvania
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Dan Brown does not disappoint with his latest book, Inferno. Taking us through the ancient streets of Venice, secret passageways, and the famous Uffizi Art Museum, Brown keeps pages turning and hearts racing.

Our dear friend, Harvard Professor of Religious Symbology and Iconology Robert Langdon, finds himself in a hospital in Florence with a case of amnesia. Unraveling the whos, whats, whys, and hows, Langdon discovers a terrible plot against humanity. When he pairs up with the genius Dr. Sienna Brooks, the two find themselves pursued by an unknown enemy with immense power.

Not to disappoint, Brown sends chills up the spine by dramatizing an all-too-real problem. Due to overpopulation in the world today, a mad scientist and genius, Bertrand Zobrist, who is obsessed with Dante Alighieri and the Divine Comedy, has hidden a virus that will be dispersed somewhere in the depths of an underwater cavern. With the clock ticking, Langdon is not sure who to trust and is plagued with horrible dreams that he slowly pieces together to uncover shocking memories and truths.

At every turn are some of history's most prominent works of art and mysteries. This is a perfect read for Dan Brown fans. For those new to Brown, I highly recommend reading this book before any of his other magnificent works.

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