Over a Thousand Hills I Walk with You by Hanna Jansen MAG

By Jannelle Herrera, Phoenix, AZ

This inspirational book is based on the true story of Jeanne, who is caught in a war of ethnicities in Rwanda. The trials Jeanne endured are shocking; she was only eight when the atrocities occurred. Jeanne experiences the deaths of her mother and brother, which are forever engrained in her memory.

The root of the Rwandan genocide is ethnic violence ­between the Tutsis and Hutus. The Tutsis were hunted down and betrayed by their neighbors and friends, the Hutus. And so Jeanne learns whom she can and cannot trust.

Through many trials of doubt Jeanne becomes wise for her age. The story is told by Jeanne’s adoptive mother, who graciously becomes her guardian. This book showcases the will of a girl to survive and overcome the past to create a positive future.

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lillystar said...
on Nov. 12 2008 at 1:46 am
i think these teens are doing a great job i am a honor student and credcizing others work is hard for me i hope that you co ntinue this because i am contently going to the web site to what are the hottest and most meaning ful books are out there


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