September 24, 2008
By Anonymous

Crank, by Ellen Hopkins, was by far one of the best books I've read. Crank is about Kristina; a 15 year old girl. The perfect daughter. Good grades. Nice friends. So what could possibly be wrong in her life? Nothing. Until, that is, she goes to visit her father who she hasn't seen in years. Her dad is into meth, along with other drugs. In Reno she meets a guy, Adam, who does the same things as her dad. It turns out Kristina isn't the only one in her head. Bree. Mischievous. Outgoing. Confident. Able to get any guy she wants. Everything Kristina wants to be. Bree's choices are Kristina's hidden desires; what she'd never do . . . Usually. Bree first comes out when Kristina gets pulled into the grip of what she refers to as the Monster; Meth. Kristina can only be this person, Bree, when she takes a ride with the monster. “You want to cry; powdered demons bite; through cartilage and sinuses; take dead aim at your brain, jumps inside; you want to scream; troops of tapping feet fall into rhythm; marking time, right between your eyes” is how Kristina describes her first time doing meth. Hopkins also describes it as a roller coaster. “Crank-crank-crank.” At first her rides with the monster are great. But only for a little while. She's convinced herself she can't get in too deep, but she does after not too long. Adam has his Guinevere; Lince. Before not too long, Kristina falls into the arms of a guy; and finds out she's pregnant by a great guy one bad; also in the arms of the monster. What will she do? She's worried about if the baby will be deformed; or mentally challenged. Then a boy comes long, who seems horrible; but exceptionally loving and sweet. She has to try her hardest to give up the monster. Meth.

Ellen Hopkins's writing style makes this book very interesting. Written in verse; told directly from Kristina's point of view and her thoughts. The dialog isn't straight forward but from Kristina's thoughts it allows you to figure out her dialog. Crank is based on Hopkins' own daughter's experiences in life. Will Kristina rid herself of the monster's trash; or will she fall deeper into drugs? Can she go back to being the good, perfect, Kristina; or will traces of Bree forever lurk inside her head? Will Bree's personality be trapped in her son? Maybe you should read this truly intriguing book to find out.

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