Tangerine by Edward Bloor

June 10, 2013
By chocolatina PLATINUM, Northbrook, Illinois
chocolatina PLATINUM, Northbrook, Illinois
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Adjusting to a new state, a new school, and a new climate can be difficult. It can be extremely difficult if you wear bulky, bug-eyed glasses and are certified as legally blind. Tangerine depicts a story of how a young boy adjusts to a new environment and discerns the truth about his family. Edward Bloor’s novel sparkles with resonance and a strikingly original plotline.

Paul Fisher is a 12-year old seventh grader, whose family moves from Houston, Texas to the sunshine state of Tangerine, Florida. Tangerine is a bizarre town in which muck fires burn continually, lightning strikes every day, and sinkholes occasionally swallow up schools. However, Paul is determined to merge into the new Tangerine crowd. This may not be that easy for Paul. With his unusually thick glasses and his older brother Erik, the football star, Paul is going to have to go to extra lengths to be noticed.

Erik Fisher is Paul’s older brother. Erik’s life revolves around the “Erik Fisher Football Dream.” However, in addition to amazing athletic talents, Erik possesses a brutal character. Paul is especially affected by this during his childhood, as it is revealed later on in the novel. Paul also fears Erik throughout the beginning of the book but the fear eventually changes into pity for his brother at the end of the story.

Paul has always been thrown under his older brother’s shadow by his community and has been almost completely ignored by his parents. Being blinded by Erik’s football capabilities, Paul’s parents fail to spot Erik’s true and cruel nature and, therefore, tend to overlook Paul. Paul, trying to distract himself from his family troubles, works hard to enjoy his passion for soccer in his new school. However, can Paul expose his brother’s genuine personality?

Bloor has created an engrossing novel that teaches his readers to be bold, take chances, and never hold back the dreadful truth. Tangerine is a great book that contains an intriguing plot, a relatable story, and crucial lessons about life.

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