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Screwed by Laurie Plissner

When Grace, an only child to the leaders of Save Yourself for Marriage, gets pregnant from a one-night-stand with the most popular guy in school, everyone does a double-take. Could the girl with the perfect GPA and a 2350 on her SATs really be pregnant? Even Grace has a hard time believing it herself. Not knowing what to do, she turns to her parents for guidance, who then promptly abandon her and kick her out. Mrs. Teitelbaum, Grace’s elderly rich neighbor, takes her in. Grace quickly gains a place in her neighbor’s loving family, and falls in love with Mrs. Teitelbaum’s nephew, Charlie.

This book is a real eye-opener. It isn’t too graphic, but it has just enough details to convince most people to save themselves for later on in life. I could not put this book down. Together, Grace and Charlie join forces as they attempt to save the baby’s life and admit their feelings for each other. Screwed has the perfect amount of hope, romance and a little bit of chaos to keep readers on their toes. Enjoy!

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