Gossip Girl: the Carlyles

September 17, 2008
The life of New York's upper Easters is full of wealth, popularity and a-list parties. Until May 2008, the Gossip Girl series was all about the lucky Blair Waldorf, Serena Van der Woodsen and Nate Archibald. These were the privileged characters of the series written by Cecily von Ziegesar. From a person who has read all of Cecily von Zigesar's Gossip Girl novels, it must have been hard to write a new and upcoming generation for gossip girl to talk about. Blair, Serena and Nate were legendary to many. Now, the triplets, Avery, Baby and Owen Carlyle are taking over in a New York minute. A new era you say? Cecily von Zigesar has created a new generation of these privileged teenagers. Moving from Nantucket, the move was harsh for the triplets. But was it really? Is a new beautiful boyfriend or becoming captain of the swim team considered harsh? Poor kids, they must be lost in such a big city.
Cecily's newest novel, Gossip Girl: the Carlyles is amazing for young readers. Despite the fact that it contains a lot of adult content like sex and drugs, the novel is appropriate for teenagers. A list parties, private fashion shows and gorgeous boys tag along these two descriptions. As I read through this first novel of Cecily's new series, I thought about how good her last have been. It was extremely invigorating to learn that gossip girl was not done telling all the juicy secrets of New York's elite.
The Carlyle triplets walk into town not knowing anything. Avery Carlyle is the most excited. She is ready to put on her Manolo Blanks, he LV purse and walk the halls of Constance Billard School just like her grandmother (also Avery Carlyle) once did. However she soon finds out someone is already reigning over Constance. Baby Carlyle on the other hand hates the city. She is the youngest of the triplets and has a boyfriend back in Nantucket. Baby, is wiling to do anything to go back to Nantucket even if that means getting the principal of her school to expel her. However, sooner or later one relationship ends as another starts. Like someone once said if one door closes, two doors open. Owen Carlyle is the male triplet. He, like Nate Archibald is described in detail as beautiful. As soon as the girls from Constance hear that Riverside Prep has a new boy toy, they go crazy. Not only is he gorgeous, but he becomes the captain of the swim team. Owen was happy to come to New York for one reason: Kat. The Carlyles, have in addition taken over Blair Waldorf's old home. Their home was obviously a beautiful and immense apartment on the Upper East Side, fully equipped with a cook, three maids and good memories. These main characters created by Cecily von Ziegesar are almost as addicting, fascinating and striking as those in the past.
As I finished the last novel of the original Gossip Girl series, I wondered how any set of characters would measure up. Then, I read Gossip Girl: the Carlyles. This new era of young elites is a new beginning. The fights, the gossip, the fashion and the relationships: all over again. Everything is a juicy as last time. However, this is only a start. Gossip Girl: the Carlyles could be described as a warm up for a very innovative, remarkable, and thrilling set of upper Easter for gossip girl to entertain us with, once again.

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