Marley and Me by John Grogan

September 17, 2008
Marley and Me

It doesn't matter if you are a dog lover, a cat lover or even an animal hatter; Marley and Me is a descriptive and easy book for anyone to read. You can be a fourteen years old teenager that likes funny stories or a successful business person in your mid thirties that likes interesting books.
John Gorgan wrote this book with such simplicity and yet so much intensity, that it hit the n*1 bestselling books of 2007.
John Gorgan will bring you from a laughing crisis to a sobbing tear as you go though the highs and lows of a normal family, with a particularly insubordinate dog.
Marley, being a pure bred Labrador retriever, does not have the pure characteristics of a normal full bred puppy. As Marley gets older, and the book goes on, you will find out that Marley never stops being an outrageous dog.
When John and Jenny Gorgan decide to expand their family by adding a dog as their first step, they will have an incredible soul to help them through the next steps. As Jenny struggles to have a baby, Marley will be right by her side to comfort her in the most unnatural ways. Almost human ways. But on the other hand, when Marley does not have the task of being a shoulder to cry on, he will become this unstoppable four legged animal.
Going through dog doo doo to retrieve jewelry, repairing the house after being destroyed, and getting kicked out of obedience school are just a few things Marley makes the Gorgans go through.
This book is a remarkable series of unfortunate events that will have you reading page after page with more enthusiasm than any other book you have read. It is a hilarious, unexpected and loving story that will show you things that you would never expect from a dog.
As a remarkable, exciting and true story, Marley and Me will take you through the mind of a man, a dog and women fighting the difficult stages that life has in mind for us.
David Frankel has taken on the task of producer for the coming movie of Marley and Me, expected in theaters on December twenty fifth 2008. We are all awaiting the big motion picture with excitement. Let's see if an amazing book can be made into an amazing movie.

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