Nobody's Secret by Michaela MacColl

May 19, 2013
By mb777 GOLD, Thornwood, New York
mb777 GOLD, Thornwood, New York
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Everyone has a secret. Michaela MacColl, author of the novel Nobody’s Secret reveals that everyone does possess a secret.

In Nobody’s Secret a fifteen year old poet in the making named Emily Dickinson comes across a mysterious young man who she has never seen in her town before. Emily is surprised that when she becomes acquainted with this young man he refuses to reveal his name so Emily knows him as Mr. Nobody. Emily enjoys being friends with Mr. Nobody because she feels as if he is the only one that understands her. After two encounters with Mr. Nobody he meets a mysterious fate and Emily must go on intricate adventures to find out the reasoning behind it.

Michaela MacColl set the novel during the time period of the 1800s which makes the book more fascinating to read because back then society and the roles of people were different from those of today. The main character Emily wants to break free of what was expected of women in the 1800s and her sense of adventure moves the plot along. Michaela also makes sure to leave clues in Emily’s path to add suspenseful elements.

This book is definitely recommended for readers with a sense of adventure and a love of mysteries.

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