Into the Wild by John Krakauer

May 16, 2013
By guillermo123 BRONZE, Kansas City, Missouri
guillermo123 BRONZE, Kansas City, Missouri
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Chris McCandless, Son of Walt and Billie McCandless, isolated, lonely, selfish, and intelligent are just a few words that could be used to describe the main character of Into the Wild. Chris begins life after college with adventures that take him across the United States. He explores parts of some states, meets new people, and ultimately finds himself in the Alaskan wilderness in an abandoned Transit bus. As he tries to isolate himself from society and escape frustration from home lead him to his final breath he finds himself taking while laying in the abandoned transit wrapped in the blanket of his mother that she knitted for him.
The author Jon Krakauer uses an interesting form of writing style in which the story of events are not told in chronological order. He begins the story with Chris McCandless and his untimely death. From there he explores the past two years before his body was discovered in the Alaskan forest. but along the way, however he begins to tell a personal narrative which has nothing to do with Chris McCandless or his adventures. This makes the story difficult
The best way to understand the book is to make note of his adventures in chronological order. Then it makes sense to where he has been to where he’s at now. Since Jon Krakauer wrote the book he retraced his steps and began with the ending of Chris’s adventure and went on to where he has been before it began. This book was confusing to me when I had first read the book but as soon as I got into it and research his adventures in order from the beginning to the end it began to make sense to me.
Since Krakauer doesn't follow the usual story plot, and begins writing from the end of the story when McCandless takes his last breath in the Wild. The reader has the task of placing events in chronological order. The flashback and flash forwards tend to take away from the story because the readers expends energy placing events in order it makes it difficult to keep reading.
Overall, the adventure of Chris McCandless was an alright story to write as a book but i think the Jon Krakauer should have chosen a different method for his writing style instead of spreading them around the book making it confusing to the reader.

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