Nineteen Minutes

May 10, 2013
By UlrichEmerson SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
UlrichEmerson SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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Small town Sterling, New Hampshire. The town where nothing out of the ordinary ever really happens. Until that period of “Nineteen Minutes” that changed everything. This book is a must read for multiple reasons. It is thought provoking beyond words, so well written, and pulls your emotions in every direction.
Can the first day of Kindergarten really set the standards for how the rest of their schooling career will go? Or possibly provoke them to seek out revenge on their classmates? Peter Houghton`s lawyer Jordan McAfee would confirm that. The day Peter came to school and killed ten people everyone`s life changed. Scrawny, pale, wears glasses, bullied everyday, named Peter, not exactly the characteristics one would think of when picturing a killer. This book really looks deep into the minds of young adults and the struggles of high school, from boyfriends and girlfriends to social acceptance. Especially Peter`s outlook on life and what triggers him. Why he spared Josie Cormier her life, his playmate and longtime crush, also the daughter of the town judge. But not Matthew Royston the love of Josie`s life, and one of Peter`s bullies who run the school. Could it be because Matt and his posse have embaressed him countless times? Or that they converted Josie to the dark side? Maybe just the fact that Josie calls Matt hers and not Peter.
Flashbacks. Ever since that awful day all the victims of the Sterling High shooting struggle with them. From the moment they doze off to sleep and try to dream of the way things used to be until they flutter their eyes open to begin the day. How the book is written goes along perfectly with that. Each chapter is written as a partial flashback. Jodi Picoult wrote it so each chapter flashes between the characters childhood, day of the shooting, and the present situations. I love that about this book because it really lets you see all the angles of the story. It goes to show how much these kinds of experiences affect a person.
Throughout the entire book you will most likely find yourself asking quite a few questions and feeling many emotions. I loved that about this book, that it made me think. “Nineteen Minutes” is like no book I have ever read. Most books are written only about one specific genre. For example the typical romance book where you can predict every lovey dovey detail. Or mystery books that leave you on the edge of your seat the entire time, waiting for the big surprise at the end. “Nineteen Minutes” has elements from each genre that you will never get bored of each page turn.
Nineteen Minutes is an absoloutly amazing book. No, it is not a quick easy read. It will make you think and feel all emotions possible. So many things changed for the residents of Sterling in those nineteen minutes. But the last nineteen minutes in the court room is what it will all come down to. Will Peter Houghton be let free or locked up for all the irreplaceable damage he has caused?

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