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Twisted by laurie halse anderson

By , bristol, IL
The book Twisted was very good. It had twists and turns throughout the whole book. Had action, a love story, and fighting. The story has me sucked in from the beginning.
In the book twisted it’s about a boy who is in high school going into his senior year. During the end of his junior year he vandalized the school so he got in trouble with the cops, and is on probation now. He isn’t a popular kid. He is like a “nobody”, and not a lot of people like him. Also he has a bully problem. There is a kid named chip that picks on him nonstop. Chip has a sister that goes to the same school, and that is Alex’s “high school love”. He tries to get that love, but his family problems cause a roadblock for that.
Laure hales Anderson
Twisted was written in first person perceptive. the plot is well thought out, and fast but not rushing things. It puts a really good picture in your head as you read the book, and wont want to put it down.

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