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The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom

The story opens in 1937, in Harlem, Holland, with the hundredth birthday party for the watch shop. During the war some people would help the Jews and others who were persecuted while some people did not want anything to do with them. All during the war the people like Corrie Ten Boom and her gracious family would help the persecuted. Throughout the war courageous and kind-hearted people helped. If anyone or any group of people were caught hiding prisoners, they would be sent to the concentration camps with them. The courageous Christian families took a huge risk by helping, and a lot of the groups of people that helped the prisoners got caught including Corrie Ten Boom and her family. They were sent to concentration camps like Auschwitz and Ravensbrook. Corrie Ten Boom and her sister were sent to a women only camp.
If put into the situation, the many of us could actually follow through with helping the helpless. Not very many. There are many reasons why most would not help. One of those reasons could have been cowardice or fear of the consequences of their actions. Another reason could be the believed Nazi Party propaganda to hate anyone other than the master race. The majority of people would say they would help, but if it came right down to it, most people would not put others live before theirs or their families.
There are many reasons why people help others in serous, life- threatening danger. Some might help because they would want help or in similar situation. Religion might also have play a role. Some religions say it is a duty to help those that is in need. Other religions say we are all connected regardless of our differences our differences, skin color, race, nationality, ethnicity, even our various religions. Our humanity connect us all. In the book The Hiding Place, Corrie Ten Boom and her family put their own lives at risk to help save the lives of the persecuted. What drove them was their highly devout Christianity and the thought that God was with them.
The way I feel on the subject is what if I was in the life or death situation and I needed help would someone help me? That is the question that guides and drives my strong ideal on this subject. The thought of having millions of people exterminated because of one person drives me insane. The thing that ultimately decides whether or not one human beings life is more important than another is a person’s morality or the way that person is raised. If someone is raised by their parents to have proper manners and to help people that are in need then most of the time that is what that person is going to do. The exact opposite effect will happen if they are raised with no manners or to help people that are in need.
There are sides to both of the whys, some people had their reason for not helping the persecuted and then the other side had their reasons for helping them. Most of the people in the world would not even help one of their own family members let alone people that they hardly knew or even knew at all. The Boom family sure did their part in trying to help the persecuted. Corrie Ten Boom, the only survivor of her family. The good Christian values helped the Boom family accomplish as much as they did, their faith in God and I’m sure they are looking down from heaven satisfied with the deeds they accomplished and how they went down.

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