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Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson's

May 9, 2013
By Mella PLATINUM, Natchitoches, Louisiana
Mella PLATINUM, Natchitoches, Louisiana
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" All the World's A stage, and all the men and women merely players." - Shakespeare's "All the Worlds A Stage" poem.

Andy Evans is a character in the book, Speak; and he is a predator. Throughout the book and the movie I viewed him as a predator because of the way he stalked Melinda. Everyone knows a predator when they see one, most of the time. It is obvious that Melinda couldn’t see the claws and fangs behind those manly hands and white teeth. Who would? It isn’t until a true predator shows itself that someone sees a beast for what it is.

Andy’s demeanor as a predator holds so strongly with me because of the author’s perfect wording and use of imagery. I think she wanted the character’s personality to scream, “Beast!” For instance, when Melinda was sitting with the Martha’s, and they called Andy over to gawk and giggle in his face, he purposely stood behind Melinda and breathed into her neck, taunting her and causing her to nearly faint. Let’s not forget the fact that he raped her, or what about the time when he locked her in the closet and tried to assault her for showing to the world the true beast that he is. Andy went to school thinking that what he did wasn’t wrong, but how can a beast think that he is wrong when being a jerk is something that comes naturally to them? He raped her and then thought nothing of it; and being a true predator, he went to find his next victim, whom he claimed than, non-other: Rachael, Melinda’s “Euro Trash” best friend. It is obvious that Andy went through little change throughout the story, except for when he finally got what he deserved by the soccer team at the end of the book.

In conclusion, I liked the book, the style it was written in, and the wording that was used throughout the book. Andy Evans character was so clear and it was easy to dislike him because the author made clear exactly what he was. He was a predator, a beast and it’s very palpable that that was what the author wanted us to think. Now, shouldn’t we give the author a round of applause and say, “ Down with Andy Evans,” ?

The author's comments:
This was a homework assignment for school. This is more of a character analysis for the character, Andy Evans than an actual review because the assignment was to choose a character and write a three paragraph analysis on him/her.

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