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The Scorch Trials by James Dashner

May 3, 2013
By ChristianLedezma BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
ChristianLedezma BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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The Scorch Trials really does captivate the reader throughout the entire story. It is full of suspense and keeps the reader wondering what will happen next. It is hard to put down the book once the reader gets started because of all the mystery surrounding WICKED, Thomas and Teresa, and the rest of the Gladers. The beginning of the book begins exactly where it left of in The Maze Runner. This helps the reader pick up right away where the book left off. In my opinion the author did a great job in throwing in a twist in the new trial the Gladers had to face. I would agree with some people in the fact that The Scorch Trials is a bit more slowly paced than The Maze Runner. Having said that, I do think this slow pace is appropriate for this book because they are traveling through a hot and dry wasteland and it creates a mood for the reader that this it is a complicated journey that the Gladers are traveling. The author uses very descriptive words that paint a picture for the reader in every page of the book. The reader will be able to see every scene and every step of the journey as if the reader was there traveling alongside the characters in the book. The artistry in this story is very vivid from the clothes that the characters are wearing, to the setting of each place they encounter along their way to the safe haven. This descriptive words appeal to all the senses and makes the reader experience the story as if they were there. The Scorch Trials is also very clear and easy to understand. The story does not jump around to different side stories and the reader will be able to keep reading the plot of the story without any distractions in the book. The story maintains its consistency of the plot and the reader will not be confused as long as he/she reads the story fully and does not skim around or skip pages. This book does offer an escape for the reader because it is a science fiction and fantasy book. The reader gets to experience a world of advanced technology, as well as an earth that is need of hope and a cure. The Scorch Trials does provide conflicts between the Gladers and newly met characters, as well as action, suspense, romance, and mystery. Although this book is fictional it does stay true to human nature and behavior during most situations. The book does not contain a happy ending, but it does a great job in leading the story towards the next book, The Death Cure. Overall The Scorch Trials is an interesting book that keeps the reader captivated and looking forward to the next book in the series.

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