Locker 572 by L.T. Kodzo

April 15, 2013
By gabriellad BRONZE, Franklin Square, New York
gabriellad BRONZE, Franklin Square, New York
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Locker 572 is a novel that will change your awareness on bullying and suicide. The novel revolves around the suicide of a girl named Ribbon. A new girl at Ribbon’s school, Sheridan, who receives Ribbon’s locker, is trying to reach out to the public about Ribbon’s case. Ribbon’s parents keep her suicide hidden. Ribbon was bullied by girls at school, who made her feel worthless. Sheridan read Ribbon’s journal, which she found in her locker, and was able to feel the situation that Ribbon was in. Ribbon’s former best friend, Ashley, was also in on the bullying. Ashley was the greatest friend that Ribbon had ever had, and she was even against her. People just find the easiest thing to pick on, and Ribbon was an open target. You never know how people will take things. From nasty comments, to violence, to calling names in online chat rooms, to rumors spreading around the school, you never know the extent that someone will take to make it all go away. A feeling of remorse after the fact, can’t change what has happened already. This novel is sending out an important message to readers. They must be careful with their words, and think about the consequences of the other side, before speaking or acting. The story reminded me about how high school is full of mean people, and you just have to work around them and be who you are.

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