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Loose Girl: A Memoir of Promiscuity by Kerry Cohen

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As the bee stings and dies, so do the promiscuous, leaving behind a part of themselves with every encounter by which they are later made to suffer. “Loose Girl: A Memoir of Promiscuity,” by Kerry Cohen, tells the journey of Kerry Cohen’s descend into womanhood and her struggles to define herself in a sexually explicit world. In the book Kerry undertakes the role of both vixen and victim; often finding herself at war with her internal desires and the morally correct. Having received little to no guidance in the world of love and relationships, Kerry is forced to figure it all out on her own. The lines of love and passion become blurred in this exhilarating account, leaving the reader wondering if Kerry can find herself before there is nothing left.
Kerry grows up in upper New Jersey with recently divorced parents. At age 11, Kerry naively stumbles across her first glimpse into the world of promiscuity, when she catches the attention of man with the sheer power of her body. Lacking attention from her mother, who is also under emotional distress, Kerry reaches out for love, but not fully understanding what it is, she mistakenly reaches out for sex instead. This memoir describes the plunge into Kerry’s sex addiction and her gradual journey to real intimacy.

This account gives a naked look into the world of promiscuity and shows the true effects of what this type of life brings. Kerrys vivid description brings to life the desperation, hate and desire of the moment. She takes the reader through a real emotional roller coaster, leaving a sense of soberness. Before you realize you will find yourself glued to every word and gulping down the story.This book is not only a great read, but a lesson in life that anyone can take. A lesson that reminds us to love ourselves before we can take a step towards loving others.

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