Deep Down Popular Review

February 27, 2013
By , Haddon Heights, NJ
Deep Down Popular By Phoebe Stone
Two Stars out of Four
The book Deep Down Popular By Phoebe Stone is a Realistic Fiction book that is good for young teens. As a young adult, I believe that this book is not at a high enough reading level for someone my age. Although Stone had written many higher-level books like All the Blue Moons at the Wallace Hotel and The Boy on Cinnamon Street, this novel is not one of her strongest.
Phoebe Stone is not only a novel writer she is also a painter. Her paintings are displayed in many art museums and influence many upcoming artists to paint with bright and vibrant colors. Most of Stones artwork is either dark and depressing, or very vibrant, uplifting and happy. Through the years, she wrote poems on the side and in time, she realized that she could make a great and successful career in the writing business. "I was already working in sequences," she says, "but at some point I began to realize that I could combine my love for images and words in picture books for children.” Stone likes to travel all over the world. She once wrote a book while she was in Korea. Her first book was published in 1994 and was named In God’s Name. Her latest book published was in 2011 and was named The Romeo and Juliet Code.
As a fiction and romantic book, the characters are portrayed wonderfully. The two main characters are Jessie Lou and Conrad. They have been going to school together since kindergarten and now they are in high school. Jessie Lou is the kind of tomboy that much rather sit by herself and write poetry. Conrad is the most popular kid in there grade and is extremely active in sports. There has been a lingering passion between them for many years; at least that’s what Jessie Lou thinks.
As the book begins Conrad is at a soccer game and injures his leg, therefore he has to wear a leg brace constantly. Since Jessie Lou and Conrad live about a block from each other, one of their teachers volunteers Jessie Lou to help Conrad home. In Jessie Lou’s eyes, this is the worst thing that could possibly happen. Ever since the second grade, she has had the biggest crush on him. Forced to walk with Conrad, they are bound to talk. Eventually their conversations become more intensive and their relationship becomes more than friends. As Conrad’s popularly slowly slips away, there is a chance that Jessie Lou’s real-life fantasy can be over.
The book itself moves quite slowly, and involves Jessie Lou’s sister, Melinda, to a great extent. Preferably I like a fast moving book that makes you think along the way. As the title Deep Down Popular, I thought that it would be about someone going through a deep down struggle maybe about her popularity. This book was predictable after the first few chapters and I would not refer it to anyone that enjoys reading mysteries or non-fiction or that is over the age of 13.
In conclusion, the book Deep Down Popular is a wonderful book for young teens. Phoebe Stone was, and still is, a wonderful artist and novel writer. I wish she wrote more adult books that were less predictable and more thought out. Although as a fiction and romantic book, the characters and the setting are spot on with description and personality. Finally, I give the book Deep Down Popular two starts out of four.

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