The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks

February 27, 2013
By Juliette Rayser BRONZE, Haddon Heights, New Jersey
Juliette Rayser BRONZE, Haddon Heights, New Jersey
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The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks
**** Out of 5 stars

Over the past few years The Last Song, by a very well known author, Nicholas Sparks, has been one of the most heard and known about book that every teen will enjoy. This book is filled with masses of action, drama and of course romance. This book quickly catches your attention and will keep you from putting it down once you start it. So if you want a great summer romance book to read The Last Song will defiantly grab your interest.

Nicholas Sparks, The author of The Last Song has been popular for quite some time. He is considered the number one New York Times Bestselling Author. Every book that he writes catches great interest from many people around the world. Nicholas Sparks has published 17 novels, some of his bestselling books of all time include, The Notebook, The Lucky One and Dear John. Also, many of Nicholas Sparks’ books have been adapted into films, including The Notebook, A Walk to Remember, Dear John and The Lucky One. Nicholas Sparks started his career as a very young author, writing and publishing a couple books while still in high school. While all of his books fall around the same genre as romantic fiction, Mr. Sparks continues to publish a copious amount of bestselling books throughout the years.
The Last Song is not from a series of books, this novel stands on its own, along with the rest of the books that Mr. Sparks has published. This romance fiction novel, The Last Song, tells the story of seventeen year old Veronica Miller, who is known as Ronnie throughout the novel and her upside down life from her parents’ abrupt divorce. Over the past couple years Ronnie has been living with her mother and brother in New York City while her father moves to North Carolina. As time passes she still remains estranged from her parents, but more so from her father. That is until her mother decides it would be best for everyone if Ronnie and Jonah went to visit for not only a week or two but for the whole summer, the summer that Ronnie is supposed to go to college and turn eighteen. After the divorce Ronnie took it pretty hard and became a different girl, a quiet, keep to yourself kind of girl. She threw away her old life for something much worse.

Meeting her father again for the first time since the divorce, Ronnie is cold and cruel to him. Many times she threatens to return home in New York with her Mother because she does not like it where he lives and thinks it would be best for everyone if she just left. She does not come close to give her father any reason to believe that she loves him. However, loving is something that Ronnie soon does when she starts falling for a boy who lives across town. She soon realizes that meeting him has helped her to open up to the world again and create relationships with people she never thought she would. This brings her to find the happiness that was lost a few years ago.
The Last Song provides so much for just being a book. This novel tells an incredible love story, but also provides a relatable plot that the romance in intertwined with. This book is really all about every kind of love out there. It is love between family members, love between couples and even love between enemies. Although, the story is a bit predictable with situations every now and then that always tend to happen in romance novels, but even still it is a very touching and highly entertaining read. It provides many emotions such as joy, happiness, heartbreaks and forgiveness but it all ends with one thought; and that is love. Each character has been given such meaning and personality that delivers an interesting and unique, yet catching addition to the book which are all relatable. The story teaches the theme of forgiveness, how to learn and move on from your mistakes, learning how to accept who you are and how to grow as a human.

The Last Song, a romance filled novel, packed with heart- warming moments, sadness and happiness mixed all together prove Nicholas Sparks to be a great and highly pleasurable author. His books are such a big hit with teenagers and even many adults. Since they continue to be known, Nicholas Sparks may become something even more extravagant over the next upcoming years.

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