"For Phillies Fans Only" by Riche Wolfe

February 27, 2013
By ALauer BRONZE, Haddon Heights, New Jersey
ALauer BRONZE, Haddon Heights, New Jersey
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For Phillies Fans Only

For Phillies Fans Only is a really interesting book. If you are a Phillies fan. It talks about the history of the Phillies all the way back to how the organization started. To when the Phillies won the World Series in 2008. This book is a quick and easy read. I really enjoyed this book and had fun reading it. Rich Wolfe is a really good sports book writer. If you are interested in the Phillies and sports I’d suggest reading For Phillies Fans Only.
Rich Wolfe is one of the most successful sports authors for the past 11 years. He has written over 42 sports books in his writing career. He has written about football, baseball, college football and a bunch of legendary announcers. His biggest sellers are the “For Fans” books. He has over 22 books in this series. Rich Wolfe also writes sports biographies on a lot of coaches like Mike Ditka, Bobby Knight, and Jon Gruden. All in all Rich Wolfe is one of the best sports writers.
For Phillies Fans Only explains how the history of the team started. This book explains how the Phillies were founded in 1883 and called the Philadelphia Quakers. Then in 1890 they were officially called the Phillies. They also explain how they built Connie Mack Stadium in 1938. Connie Mack was the owner of the Philadelphia Athletics at this time. He had his own stadium and was eventually taken down in 1970.

As timed moved on the Phillies created a new stadium called Veterans Stadium (known as The Vet.) It was built on April 10th 1971. In the book a lot of fans had so much to talk about for “The Vet.” A bunch of authors and fans talk how it was so close to home and heartwarming. After thirty years fans were sad to see Veterans Stadium go. In 2004, Citizens Bank Park opened and people loved it. To this very day Citizens Bank Park has been welcoming Phillies fans for 9 years.

For the first 2 years the Phils played at Citizens Bank Park they didn’t do too well. They had a lot of struggles in their locker room. The fans in the book expressed their feeling in the book talking about how they will never win another World Series title in Philadelphia again.
In October of 2008, the Phillies won the World Series beating the Tampa Bay Rays. The streets of Philadelphia were pack with happiness and excitement. A couple of the authors said they didn’t sleep for days because they were so happy for their hometown team. They broke the 30 year drought of winning a World Series title. To me this was the most exciting point in my life! It was the first time I saw my hometown team has ever won a championship. In the book, Rich Wolfe says, the streets of Philadelphia were pack. Cars were getting tip people were running through the streets of just pure happiness.
Some of the dull parts in this book were when they talked about the ownership and coaches of the team. In parts of this book they went on and on about the recent owners the Phillies had. They went through the list of famous coaches that managed and owned the Phillies back in the day. In my opinion that part of the book wasn’t very interesting.
So in conclusion, For Phillies Fans Only is a really interesting and makes me want to learn about my favorite baseball team’s history more. If you’re into baseball then this book is for you. Rich Wolfe is such a great sports writer and he did a wonderful job with this book. All in all, get a copy of this book and find more about the Philadelphia Phillies.

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