When The Wind Blows by James Patterson

February 26, 2013
Max is an 11 year old girl. The reader immediately starts the book with her escaping from “The School”, which is a horrific place where they experiment on humans. Their experiments aren’t really good, though; often, they will kill human “defects”. Well, Max isn’t a defect, but she still is escaping from the school and its evil ways. The School is trying to hunt her down; she is a very important specimen, and has wings….

Frannie o’ Neill lives in Colorado and runs her own little animal hospital. She is unaware that she lives close to the school, and is continually plagued by her husband’s death. Frannie LOVES animals, so when a hunter shows up to be tenant to her cabin….

Kit Harrison is an FBI agent, investigating a case about missing doctors in Colorado. Well, he shouldn’t be. He was ordered to drop the case, but insisted, and claimed that he was on vacation-but really, was investigating this case. He shows up at Frannie O’ Neill’s house to be tenant and have a “home” to go to while he’s still investigating the case…

Just recently after Kit arrives, Frannie comes across Max, and discovers the school. The three of them will uncover the huge shroud of mystery and deception surrounding the school, and will uncover the most inhuman plot of modern science to ever exist.

When the Wind blows is a book similar to the Maximum Ride series, but there are still differences. Max in Maximum Ride is more of the main character and “Supergirl”, but Max in When the Wind Blows is more of a secondary young girl, and really doesn’t do that much action.
When the Wind Blows is a story that will test your knowledge of the human soul, and challenge your thoughts about the evils in the world. I gave it a10 out of 10. The Narrative voice in the story is interesting. As usual, Patterson switches perspectives from character to character in the narrative. So go ahead and be bold! Try this book and find out if Max survives, and what happens with Frannie and Kit. Again, for the VERY MATURE READERS

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souperme said...
Jan. 11, 2015 at 8:07 pm
Would When the Wind Blows be appropriate for 11 to 13 year olds?
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