The last apprentice by Joseph Delaney

February 20, 2013
By wolverines PLATINUM, Everett, Washington
wolverines PLATINUM, Everett, Washington
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The Last Apprentice
By Joseph Delaney
by josepaul

On September 30th, Thomas J. Ward becomes a spooks apprentice warding evil away from innocent civilians. In this paranormal adventure, Joseph Delaney tosses Thomas a run for his life. Thomas is an average boy who lives on a farm until the spook comes along. Thomas wonders what he does for a living. But he didn’t know what he was getting into.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like getting chased by a witch? Or fight a witch? Or what it’s like having a whole family of witches wanting you. Thomas knows. And it’s not pleasant. He creates a problem that gets bigger and bigger. Will he survive the cruel world or will he die trying?

The most intense part of the book was when he got caught. After that is too shocking to tell. You’ll have to find out yourself. I got so many chills down my spine that I had to stop reading the book to stop the chills.

From what I read, I think the author’s message is to never give up. Even if things seem impossible.

If I had to rate this I would give this four stars because of the suspense, the courage, the theme, and the humor. I highly recommend this book to preteens who love paranormal adventure because this is a smashing hit.

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