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Losing Joe's Place by Gordon Korman

By , Cincinnati, OH
Losing Joe’s Place

If you had an apartment to yourself as a teenager and two of your best friends to spend the whole summer in, how would you like it? Well, you can ask Jason Cardone. He can tell you how he has a Camaro as his transportation, wall to wall Nerf basketball for fun and a wide screen TV with speakers all around the room for entertainment! Better than that, is he and his two friends Ferguson and Don have the place to themselves, and for the whole summer.
Losing Joe’s Place is a page turning fiction book. When Jason Cardone finds out his older brother Joe said he and his three best friends since elementary school can stay in his one room apartment in downtown Toronto, Jason and his friends know it will be the best summer of their lives. Begging their parents to stay in Toronto the whole summer was the plan for the three. The plan works. Before you can get to the next page the three boys are unpacking their bags in the small but mighty apartment.
Staying out late, spending money, and wandering around the city is not the only stuff that happens in this novel. There is way more to it. When Jason finds a huge friend of Joe’s has to stay with them, things change. Also, when the three can’t pay the rent one month to the mean landlord, things fall apart. The one thing Joe did mention to Jason was “Do not lose me this lease”. Did I mention when one morning Jason can’t find the Camaro? Things start off very dandy and great but by the end of the book I’m not sure if you can say three teenage boys should be trusted like this.
I really think that this book can be read by anyone who wants a page turning novel. The book really seems like it could happen in real life. The book shows a lesson to the story too. This book was very entertaining to read. I honestly felt like like I was living in the book. I recommend this book to any teenage boy or girl. This story also has many ups and downs to it as well. To find them out you’re going to have to read the book!

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