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mocking jay by suzzane collins

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Have you ever thought that the government controlled virtually everything? That they controlled everything from the president all the way down to the type of food you eat. Well, in Mockingjay, that is reality.
The Capitol owns everything and controls everything that the 12 smaller cities, called Districts, do. It controls what they make and receive from other Districts just so that The Capitol can profit from it. This has been known through the entire Hunger Games series but in Mockingjay they try to break free from The Capitol. In this book District 12 was burned down and the main character, Katniss, wants to get revenge on The Capitol.

In the past books of the Hunger Games, The Capitol had an annual event called the Hunger Games. In this they had 24 kids between the ages of 11 to 18 put in an arena to fight to the death. There will only be one person who survives this. Until the second book, when Katniss gets put in the arena again, no one has ever been able to escape. The arenas are surrounded by a force field to hold people in, but there is always a weak spot. When Katniss found the weak spot and destroyed the force field, she was saved by some of her fellow revolutionaries. After that, The Capitol destroyed District 12 and forced the citizens who survived to go to District 13. They have survived by living underground, growing their own food and being completely self sufficient.
But in the third book it’s all about them ending the revolution and overthrowing The Capitol. Also during this it focuses more on the mental damage The Capitol did to everybody but most of all katniss. In the book it tells you how she tries to find small quiet places to hide from everybody because she likes it when she’s not seen by everybody. This makes it hard for her when she decides to become “The Mockingjay”, the center and spokesperson for the rebellion. She decided to do this because on top of her mental damage she also has a thirst for revenge against President Snow, who is currently in The Capitol.

I thought this book was a good book. I thought that this book did not have enough action in it like the last ones. But still it is a great book. The lack of action is made up with the great plot and story line. I highly recommend it.

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