Answer My Prayer by Sid Hite

February 4, 2013
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Answer My Prayer

The book Answer My Prayer is a story of hope, believing, and adventure. This book captures you and engages you from the first chapter to the last! The adventurous feel in the book, makes you want to read more. I didn’t put the book down to often because I always wanted to know what happened next. Answer My Prayer kept me wondering and hoping that the two main characters would eventually be united once again and everything would end up alright.

Lydia is awkward and and lives in a secluded forest. Alderson is a sculpter, who lives in the town. Lydia lives a boring life. Alderson is always carving his next masterpiece and displaying it. Until one weekend Lydia and her family go to town for a fall festival, and while Alderson is trying to get his newest sculpture on the stage and Lydia helps him. Lydia likes Alderson from when she sees him. Later in the night Alderson and Lydia dance. Lydia has to go home before she gets to see him again. The next month or two, hes all Lydia thinks about. She prays for his health, and an angel hears her prayer. But more trouble is arising. Alderson has been captured, and the regent refuses to release him. That isn’t the only problem the regrnt is causing, he wants to take all the land that Lydia lives on by force. Lydia’s life is becoming a mess, then she meets and usual stranger sleeping in her forest, who helps her in a unexpected way..

I suggest you to read Answer my Prayer because its very adventurous and it appeals to all ages! It keeps you wondering if Alderson will ever get out, the forest will ever be saved, who the stranger is, and if Lydia’s prayer will ever get answered. One of my favorite parts of the book is when you finally find out what really is going on with the regent. I also like about the book how it changes perspectives and I think you will like it too! To me this book is a good read. Answer My Prayer will make you laugh, feel sad, and feel happy! It made me laugh a lot more than be sad. Answer my Prayer ‘s plot , theme, and main idea are perfect for the characters, setting, and mood. Rate of book: 7-8

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